Best Seattle Seahawks Football Players of All-Time

The Seattle Seahawks have one of the most storied histories in professional football. There have been a large number of players that have all helped to make the team one of the best in football. Some of these players have been household names for a long time while others are more recent in peoples memory. All of these players have had their moments that put them in the category as being one of the greatest.

Walter Jones
When most fans hear this name, they think back to the career that the left tackle had and how he helped to lead the team to five consecutive playoff appearances from 2003 to 2007. during this time, he also helped to lead the team to a Super Bowl appearance in 2005. During his career, he was named to nine pro bowl teams and four First Team Pro Bowl teams cementing his place in history as one of the best Seahawks of all time.

Steve Largent
When you talk great Seahawks, Steve Largent comes up a large number of times as one of the names that was crucial in helping the team to make it to a number of playoff appearances and being one of the go to receivers of all time. Catching 819 passes with 100 of these being for touchdowns. 13,089 yards, this is the number of receiving yards that Largent racked up in his years with the team. All of these accomplishments helped to cement his spot in the Hall of Fame in 1995.

Steve Hutchinson
When Steve Hutchinson teamed up with Walter Jones, you had a duo that was unbeatable. The defense knew that when they saw Jones and Hutchinson on the field, they were going to be in for a long day against the Seahawks. Hutchinson was a large part of the run game for Seattle and when a contractual disagreement cost Hutchinson to Minnesota the running game for Seattle completely fell apart.

Jacob Green
Jacob Green came to be with Seattle in the 1980 draft being drafted 10th all around. Green went on to be one of the best defensive ends that Seattle would ever have. Green had 98 sacks in his career and was a nightmare for any team that he was lined up against. From 1983 to 1986, Green was fortunate enough to rack up 12 sacks each season making him a feared force on the field for Quarterbacks all the time.

Earl Thomas
Earl Thomas was one of the players that helped to give a resurgence to the team when they needed it the most. The thing that set Thomas apart from the other players was his speed that seemed to be almost unreal. This is why Seattle knew that they had to sign him and get him on their roster. This was a smart move as it allowed the team to have someone that had the needed speed to make the big plays and not have to work at it.

These are just a few of the players that laid it all on the line when playing for Seattle. Many of these players accomplishments will never be forgotten even as new Seahawks continue to go out of their way to make their mark on the football world all while being a proud member of the Seahawks team.


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